Anassia Villas

How to access Anassia Villas

Anassia Villas is about 150 km from Athens, and we suggest the following two alternative access routes:
1. Starting in Athens
Take the Athens-Tripoli National Road up to the 110th kilometre and take the exit A.K 4 for Ancient Nemea – Nafplion– Mycenae. Then follow the signs directing you to Nafplion, and about 30 km after the exit, turn left, following the sign for “Nafplio - Nea Tiryntha – Tolo – Epidaurus”. After finding the roundabout turn right to “Neo Roeino” and after 2.5 km turn left when you find the sign for Anassia Villas.
2. Starting in Nafplion
Take Asklipiou street. Asklipiou street is a very known street in Nafplio, one of the biggest roads that leads to Epidaurus. 200 meters after the starting point of Asklipiou str., turn left and follow the sign to the villages Neo Roeino - Ag. Adrianos. After about 6 klm you will see a petrol station, make an almost 180˚ turn and then follow the signs to Anassia Villas.
For any further information, please call: +30-27520 91242, +30-6946683681, +30-6945119428.